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Engineered Panelized Homes

About Engineered Panelized Homes By Paradise Builders

On the fence of whether or not to build or remodel? View our Kitchen, Bathroom & Basement Remodeling services HERE!

At Paradise Builders, we construct custom Engineered Panelized Homes as an option for your custom built home. Panelized Homes, unlike modular homes are completely customizable up until or throughout construction. Panelized homes are not pre-assembled or stick frame homes. A panelized home is constructed on an assembly line in a controlled environment and then assembled at the job site. Please see our video on panelized home construction below.

What is the cost of panelized home construction vs. other types of construction? CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION.

Your Design Options for Engineered Panelized Homes

Supply Your Own Plan


Let Us Design Your Home


 Pre-Priced Plans


1000's of Pre-Designed Plans



What Is The Relationship Between Paradise Builders And Envision Homes?

Much like a local car dealership would represent the factory, Paradise Builders represents Envision Homes in Southeastern Wisconsin.  Unlike a car, that comes pre-assembled and completed to the local dealership, our panelized systems come to the job site ready to be assembled by Paradise Builders. In addition, Paradise Builders, as well as scores of other builders throughout the U.S., utilize Envision as a purchasing cooperative for all of our construction materials (cabinets, siding, roofing..etc). Although much of the panelized of the home is completed at the engineering facility by Envision Homes, Paradise Builders then assembles many more aspects of the project on your jobsite with our local craftsman and artisans. 

About Engineered Panelized Homes By Paradise Builders (Continued)

We are your premiere Waukesha custom Home builders. We want to clarify a MAJOR misconception about Panelized Homes.  A common misconception is that panelized homes are the same as a “prefab” or “modular” home.  A modular home is a pre-built structure and is called a “closed wall system.”  This means that all cabinetry, walls, trim, drywall, electrical, etc. are ALREADY COMPLETED and contained in the wall system of the home.

At Paradise Builders, we offer the following three model types above to choose from for your new custom home design. You are able to submit us your own plan, have us develop a custom plan for you, or design your own plan using the Design Basics website. We invite you to click through each model type to find out more!

A panelized home, UNLIKE  a “prefab” home is COMPLETELY CUSTOMIZABLE.  It is not a pre-assembled home.  A panelized home is just like a stick built home…it is built with YOUR DESIGN, with YOUR BUDGET, in YOUR TIMELINE.

Advantages of Our Custom Panelized Homes in Waukesha

  • Straighter, More precisely built trusses, floor systems, and wall panels
  • Completely Customize-able
  • Meets a minimum 6 points for a “green built” home
  • All lumber kept in a carefully controlled environment
  • Efficient, and cost effective

Unlike traditional “site framing” which is done outdoors with rough lumber delivered to the site, panelization is done indoors.  All structural components are prefabricated with efficient computer operated saws and state of the art wall tables – all in a controlled environment.  This results in straighter, more precisely built trusses, floor systems and wall panels.

Once constructed all of the components are then numbered for assembly and transported to the home site ready to be erected by our competent “setting” crew.  This provides the best results for you, the homeowner.  ACCURACY, EFFICIENCY, “GREEN” practices and a WELL BUILT, STRUCTURALLY SOUND finished product.

Green Built Homes by Envision Home At Last

Did you know that just the fact that your home is panelized meets a minimum of 6 points on the criteria for a “Green Built” home? 

Panels result in less waste.  Our computer operated saws optimize every piece of lumber.  The short cutoff lengths left over are recycled in the factory for future projects or sent out for boiler fuel and wood chips.

IMAGINE the landfills NOT being filled with our leftovers!

Video 1- (Green Before Green Was cool)

See how every step of our home planning and building process involves professional engineering and effective use of high-grade, environmentally friendly products to create a strong, energy efficient home that can be built in 1 day with minimal waste.

Video 2- (Sarah P)

View a client testimonial on the value of our 3-D video home design walk-throughs, which feature multiple views of fully-furnished rooms that show your dream home becoming a reality.

Video 3- (The Building Process)

Watch the manufacturing and assembly process of one of our energy-efficient, certified green-built homes.

Video 4- (All About Envision)

Learn more about why Envision Home At Last is your pre-engineered and value-engineered home builder of choice.



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