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Engineered Modular / Pre-fab Homes

About Engineered Modular / Pre-fab Homes By Paradise Builders

At Paradise Builders, we offer custom Engineered Modular/ Pre-fab homes as an option for your custom build. We work exclusively with Stratford Homes to bring your home design vision to life.

What is the cost of Engineered Modular home construction vs. other types of construction? CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION.

Your Design Options for Engineered Modular/Pre-Fab Homes

Supply Your Own Plan

Let Us Design Your Home

Pre-Priced Plans

1000's of Pre-Designed Plans

The Advantages of A Modular Home

There are a whole host of advantages in deciding to build a climate-controlled factory-built modular home:

  • Design Flexibility
    Hundreds of design possibilities exist, and we will work with you to determine the modular home design that will best meet your needs. Allowing for building codes, you may even design your own floor plans, choose your siding and window options, select your own carpeting, plumbing fixtures and more! With Paradise Builders and Stratford Homes, the possibilities for your modular home design and endless!
  • Reduced Construction & Building Time
    Modular homes typically take less time to build than onsite built homes. This is because overall building time can be reduced by upfront and inspection-approved planning, faster factory-built construction, and eliminating weather conditions as a build concern, which can cause costly delays with onsite built homes.
  • High Quality Construction
    Modular homes are factory built, so manufacturers are able to use tools unavailable to on site builders- which ensures that all floors, walls and ceilings are square and plumb. Interior walls are connected to the exterior walls and bracing and insulation are installed on all electrical outlet boxes in the factory.
  • Inspection & Regulation of Modular Homes
    Before we begin construction, all building plans must be reviewed and approved by a third party inspection agency on behalf of the state where the home will be constructed. Modular homes must be designed and built to the same state code used for onsite built homes. The third party inspection agency is state-licensed to perform the in-plant inspection while the home is in production.
  • Energy Efficiency and Sustainability
    Quality engineering and the latest construction techniques significantly increase the energy-efficiency of modular homes. This ensures it will be economical to own and comfortable to live in regardless of the weather. The controlled environment in which modular homes are fabricated makes it easier to assure construction is accurate, joints are tight and that air infiltration and escape is minimized, which significantly reduces heat loss.
  • Modular Homes are Environmentally Friendly
    Modular home construction is more environmentally friendly than its site-built counterpart. Engineered construction materials are used, and all excess materials are able to be recycled.


What Is The Relationship Between Paradise Builders And Stratford?

Much like a local car dealership would represent the factory, Paradise Builders represents Stratford in Southeastern Wisconsin.  Unlike a car, that comes pre-assembled and completed to the local dealership, our modular systems come to the job site ready to be assembled by Paradise Builders. In addition, Paradise Builders, as well as scores of other builders throughout the U.S., utilize Stratford as a purchasing cooperative for all of our construction materials (cabinets, siding, roofing..etc). Although much of the modular of the home is completed at the engineering facility by Stratford Homes, Paradise Builders then assembles many more aspects of the project on your jobsite with our local craftsman and artisans.

Modular Home Types

View more information on the different styles and floor plans of the modular home types we offer:

  • Cape Cod
  • Bi-Level
  • Chalet
  • Cottage
  • Narrow Lot
  • Ranch
  • Two Story


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